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About Us
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SparrowMint is owned and managed by Alysa Rowlands.

paintings/risingcrop.jpgAlysa holds an MBA in Brand Management & Change Management, a BFA in Painting (creative degree), and a certificate in digital marketing.  

Now based in NYC, SparrowMint was originally set up as a LLC in Chicago as SparrowMint Films. The business was later expanded to include digitial marketing services; it was essentially a way for me to gain experience while in Graduate School doing my MBA.
I am a creative and analytical problem solver, with the ability to see trends in data as well as gaps in strategy.  My ability to develop processes and solutions from the macro business operations level, down to support for an individual client, is a core strength. As a product manager, I want to build things that delight the user and help move the business forward.

email us: alysa at SparrowMint dot com

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